About Us

K3 Multisport Coaching

Custom designed to fit your schedule

  • Initial consultation (in-person, Skype, or Phone Call) where we plan & Structure your entire race season.
  • Weekly phone call check-in
  • Weekly delivery of customized training plan via Training Peaks
  • All access email & Texting Support
  • Race Plan & Review, Including detailed Nutrition plan for “A” race
  • Limited number of athletes each season
  • 3 month commitment minimum

K3 Multisport Coaching provides 1:1 guidance to assist you in reaching your triathlon goals. K3 Multisport will provide you with a smart training path that maximizes the love that you have available to train. Multisport racing & training is a lifestyle that can enhance your life-year health & happiness without consuming it.

  • Training zone assessment & workout creation
  • Fitness & Freshness tracking via TP software